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Design office

Hexagon has a fully equipped design office with a research and development department:

Lifting capabilities

The current layout of the factory has four operating bays:

All four cranes are remotely operated, serviced and maintained by  Daytona Cranes and full records are kept.

VIEW OF INSTALLED  CRANE IN WINDING BAY girder_crane2.jpg girder_crane3.jpg girder_crane4.jpg

Stripping, cleaning and assessment area

All products are disassembled, cleaned and assessed. Burn-out oven with computer control to avoid over temperatures.

STRIPPING AND CLEANING OF MOTOR burnout_oven.jpg 70kw_2nd.jpg man_with_white_motor.jpg motor_parts_on_table.jpg

Mechanical assessment

The individual parts are inspected for any faults and marked for repair or part replacement.

INSPECTION OF INDIVIDUAL PARTS assessment_area.jpg man_cleaning_motor.jpg

Electrical assessment including core testing

Cores are tested for electrical properties, winding, connection etc.

The motor is tested for any electrical errors and failures.

CORE TESTING man_with_tester.jpg testing_station.jpg

Lamination punching workshop

Full design facility designed by a Professor from the University of Witwatersrand from the Electrical Engineering Faculty.

Lamination Punching Workshop Core and Rotor Man at bender Man at Punch

Fabrication facility

Hexagon has a 3.2m Guillotine with a maximum capability of cutting 6mm plate, a 3m plate roller able to roll plate size 12mm to diameter of 300mm, 4xCO2 welding machines and plasma cutting equipment.

DEVELOPING OF FAN CASING fab_workshop_1.jpg man_grinding.jpg man_welding.jpg rolling_metal.jpg

Engineering workshop

All machining, drilling, milling etc. are done in-house. Hexagon possesses

the following equipment:

ENGINEERING WORKSHOP central_lathes_1.jpg vertical_boring_mill_1.jpg vertical_boring_mill_2.jpg vertical_boring_mill_3.jpg

Dynamic balancing

Hexagon carries out 2 plane balancing on the Shenck machine which can balance up to 700kg at 1200rpm, including 450kW. Each unit receives an automatic print-out which is placed in a Data Book. This is issued to the customer on request. All testing is carried out in accordance with SANS 10242.

Dynamic Balancing light_blue_bal_mach.jpg light_blue_bal_mach_2.jpg

Flame proof inspection

Hexagon has 6 accredited Flame Proof Inspectors carrying out patrol inspection on units being assembled in accordance with SANS 60079-0 and SANS 60079-1.

FLAME PROOF INSPECTION flameproof_inspec_2.jpg

Winding department with all electrical test equipment

State of the art electrical winding design facility designed by a Professor from Wits University Electrical Engineering Faculty, which enables us to form and manufacture formed coils.

All our testing is carried out in accordance with SANS 10242 and SANS 1561 with the following equipment:

WINDING DEPARTMENT man_winding_motor.jpg winding_workshop.jpg

All instruments are calibrated at set intervals and records are traceable to an approved ATL

An Electrical Data Book is issued for each unit leaving Hexagon Electrical.


VPI Varnish tank and curing oven

Hexagon has a full V.P.I. (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) System using a state of the art resin, with separate double dip varnishing facility.

VPI VARNISH TANK AND CURING OVEN curing_oven_2.jpg varnish_tank.jpg varnish_tank_2.jpg


Each unit is assembled in accordance with SANS 10242 and SANS 60079/1/15 and

SANS 60079/1/15.

Assemblers are each equipped with a full toolbox of the latest tools and trained

continually with new technology.

Hexagon has a SKF Induction Bearing Heater and a full set of fitting equipment

for fitting seals.

ASSEMBLY assembly_area.jpg man_assemble_motor_2.jpg

Test facility

We test motors at full load 460kW, 6.6kV with 630kVA generator set and a complete fan test facility with conical and ventured columns. Our submersible pump test bay is capable of up to 110kW for water pumps and fans.

Hexagon possesses the following equipment:

TEST FACILITY testing_motor.jpg testing_station.jpg vibrator.jpg waterpump_test.jpg

Spray bays


Final inspection

All motors, panels, cable reels, etc. are inspected for outline sizes, shaft extensions, spigot size, mounting holes, nameplates etc. For every product leaving Hexagon, an

inspection form is issued and signed off.

FINAL INSPECTION final_inspection_3.jpg final_inspection_2.jpg


Units ready for dispatch are individually wrapped and painted as per customer requirements and are fitted with anti-bernelling devices and placed on pallets.

DISPATCH ready_for_dispatch.jpg loading_motor.jpg wraped_motors.jpg


Hexagon has a fleet of vehicles ranging from


External power

Hexagon can accommodate customers without losing any time during load shedding as we have an External Power Back Up in the form of a 600kVA diesel powered Perkins Gen Set which is able to power the full facility at the click of a switch.

EXTERNAL POWER ext_power_front.jpg

Additional services

We can accommodate customers' certification for equipment done at Hexagon for use underground, i.e. flame proofing of complete drill rigs, as well as fitting and commissioning of equipment for use in Exd locations.

Hexagon also manufactures skids to customer requirements.


Design program

Hexagon uses the most up-to-date design program, designed by a Professor from the University of Witwatersrand, making it possible to redesign electrical motor windings to suit any application.

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